Busy Professionals Need Career Training Too

Have you ever thought to yourself “if only I had time to spend on learning something new to increase my business”? Maybe you feel overwhelmed with the duties and responsibilities of running your business or business unit. We all have to overcome time management obstacles and focus on “US” in order to grow and evolve responsibly as a business leader. A few ways that busy entrepreneurs and professionals can enhance their own development while still spending the necessary attention to their business and others within their organization are outlined below:

Key Habit #1 – Read and Repeat:

Whatever your business or industry – take time to read about something related to your skill, business niche, industry, or whatever profession you are involved in once a day. After reading an article whether it be on the internet (like this one), a magazine in print or the latest business operation success book – repeat what you learned about it to someone you communicate with that day. Maybe it’s your spouse you are talking too, a co-worker and or your boss. An added bonus about repeating what you read or learned to your boss could be that he or she is impressed that you are taking extra time to spend on staying current with your business and seeking knowledge continually. Don not try to impress the boss, just share what you learned and repeating helps you retain the information (adult learning theory). Have you ever heard to old saying “Leaders are Readers!”? Ask any successful business person and they will tell you they spend a great deal of time reading. Repeating only enhances your reading habit! You only have to schedule a short time frame each day to learn something new. I recommend spending at least the first 15 minutes of the day (morning) to start out with. This allows you to learn something first thing in the morning and then you have all day to repeat or talk about it!

Key Habit #2 – Online Career / Business Training:

I recommend you take a career-training course. If your company will pay for it then all the better! Check with your human resource representative or training coordinator to find out more. Now this habit is tough to schedule if you can only take a classroom-training event or seminar in person. However, in today’s fast paced business and entrepreneurial world e-learning is taking shape and allowing folks to train at their own pace. There are plenty of quality e-learning courses in the areas of career training, business training and industry specific courses like insurance or finance. How does this add value to me as a professional? Well, a self-paced e-learning course can really be effective as you can take it at your leisure. Most career training courses can be started, left and returned to without any interruptions. You can always go back and view the information again. Most online training is broken into small chunks of modules like a 15-30 minute section on report writing or prospecting leads. It is a take anywhere kind of learning product – ever sat in an airport terminal on a seemingly never ending flight delay, walking back and forth looking at the same Starbucks station? Online career training courses are “different” so why not try something new? Some companies have very affordable and content rich business training available over the internet because of the low cost to run those systems and the global audience size who can have access to it. Some online career courses are read only like scanned books, however for those you can refer or classify in Key Habit #1 above. Some courses however, have professionally produced voice, animation and interaction built in which makes the training more tolerable when you are sitting in that terminal for an unknown amount of time (even though the intercom keeps telling you it should be only another 20 minutes – seems like that you hear that every 20 minutes in the airport right?)… anyway.. to summarize what the end goal of online training is: professional and personal development without having to read only!